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The whole argument is political correctness gone to the level of emotional coddling.

Look!  It’s this simple:

If I drive a vehicle and if I do not have insurance or a drivers license, I am still a “driver”.  However, I am an undocumented driver and am not driving legally.  If I am not driving legally, then I am driving illegally.  I am an illegal driver.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m a nice person or not, or whether I work, have children, or am a genius.  If I hit your car and damage it, no matter how nice I am, you will find my illegal status problematic.

If I immigrate to this country and reside here, and if I do not have the appropriate visa or whatever papers I need, I am still a resident–I am still an immigrant.  However, I am an undocumented immigrant and did not immigrate here legally.  If I did not immigrate legally, then I am an illegal immigrant.

For those who don’t like the word “illegal”, you should understand that it means that something is not within the scope of what the law allows or prescribes.  More simply, not in accordance with applicable laws.

We can try to make those who are here illegally feel less outside the law by simply calling them undocumented, but that does not change the law.  And we can try to make ourselves look more progressive, compassionate, and accepting.  But stupidly arguing that black is not black, and that white is not white–well, it makes the person look plain stupid.


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money over mouthIs this your pastor?  OK, so maybe your church leader is a different gender or race, but this could still be your leader.  What do I mean?  Simply this—the church in America is under a gag order instituted by the IRS and out of fear of losing their tax-exempt status, church leaders toe the line.

Now, if you go back to the founding days of this country, this absurd restriction on free speech within the church would have been something expected from King George III, but not here in America!

Worse still, I believe many church leaders today refuse to speak out on the non-IRS restricted issues out of (1) fear of the backlash, (2) lack of conviction, and (3) simply a mediocre position on God’s word.

Here’s a “for instance”:  In Canada or England, speaking from the pulpit regarding the Biblical perspective on homosexuality could be viewed as terroristic and inciting hate.  Oddly, while there is no such restriction here in the US, many weak-kneed pastors fail to address this issue in the church setting.

Is it a relevant issue?  Sure it is.  You cannot turn on TV without being confronted with it and it’s a rare day if you don’t encounter someone who is in the LGBT community.  And schools today feature alternative lifestyles in their curriculum.  So while society indoctrinates our children, who is willing to take a stand and teach them otherwise?

In my house, I do it because I cannot wait for or rely on the church leadership to do so.  Just as so many have said that sex education belongs at home, not in the schools, where does Biblical teaching belong?  I suggest it belongs at home also but surprisingly, PERHAPS IT BELONGS IN CHURCH AS WELL!!!

Wow, what a concept—a church that teaches what the Bible says about a relevant, societal issue!

No, we’d rather sing along to the songs we hear on K-LOVE, enjoy the drum beat, the cool guitar riff, and hear 15-20 minute homilies that follow the pattern of joke, parallel, point, wrap-up, prayer.  Ah, let’s not forget the passing of the plate to support all of this show. 

It’s a good thing church isn’t like a restaurant, where you pay for what was put in front of you and tip over and above that depending on how good the service was.  If it were like that, perhaps services would improve.








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