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Let’s get to the point–the US is woefully and inadequately prepared for mass cases of Ebola.  The individual case in Dallas is enough to show that even given the proper protocols, health workers are still at risk.  Now consider that the hospital failed to properly diagnose Mr Duncan on his first visit.  If these can happen in a world-class facility in Dallas, your local hospitals and clinics are even less prepared to deal with Ebola!

Taking a page from history, here’s the next point.  Inmates are secluded from the general population on Rikers Island such that even an escapee from the facility has a natural barrier between him and society.  The same principal was applied at Alcatraz.  In more recent times, we have the detainees in Guantanamo.  On the civil side of the point, Ellis Island served as a landing zone and allowed introduction of only the “qualified” into the country.  Now fast forward.  We have already deployed military resources to help in Africa.  It is time to deploy them here as well.

The recommendation I’d put forward is to station a Naval hospital ship offshore–a few miles perhaps off of the Carolinas.  Staff it with military trained to deal with Ebola cases–the decontamination processes are not that foreign as military are trained for decon from Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological (NBC) environments anyway.  Any and all diagnosed cases–even strongly suspected ones–are transported to and housed on the ship.  It’s a well-controlled, self-contained environment with the ability to receive supplies and patients via helicopter.

If we fail to contain Ebola cases early on, the risk of it being widely introduced into the general population is high.  Once that happens, facilities and healthcare workers will be quickly overwhelmed, only adding to the risks.

The US is running out of time to develop a strategy for containment and treatment.  Start this plan now and we may save hundreds if not thousands of lives!


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To All Veterans,

I salute you and thank you for your service!  Although I may not know your name, your defence of this nation has proven invaluable to all who call America “home”.  We owe you an undying debt of gratitude.


You have served at home and abroad, on the seas, and in the air.  You have stood guard over the freedoms we occassionally take for granted, whether in a gate house on your post, or in a fox hole in the forests of some distant land.  We cannot imagine the horrors you witnessed, the losses you experienced, and the joy of victories you celebrated.  We do not understand the lives you left behind, or the hopes and dreams that lay shattered on a battlefield.

No, unfortunately, America sometimes forgets.  Even with a day set aside to remember, we sometimes forget.

However, your service is far too valuable to ever forget.  For if we allow ourselves to forget the price that was paid for our freedom, then that freedom is viewed as being something of little value—something easily surrendered and not as easily regained.

So this Veterans Day, 2008, I—a fellow veteran—salute you—and thank you.


Let us all remember those who have served (Active, Guard, and Reserve):

Air Force






Marine Corps


Coast Guard

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