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shirley-templeAt the passing of this legend of the silver screen and former US Ambassador to two nations, we should pause to honor her.  She wasn’t a celebrity as we know them today:  Naked, Drugged, Profane, Abused, Abusive, in Jail, or in Rehab.  This was a woman of class and distinction.  The nation should recognize her for her service.

Shirley Temple was born on 28 April 1928.  It is too late for the President to order flags at half-staff—if he hasn’t thought to by now, it won’t happen.  This petition is to get him to do SOMETHING.

I propose 28 April 2014 be declared “Shirley Temple Black Day”.  Join me in this please.




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The author of the article detailing Quiznos’ issues over the free subs has one thing over me—at least he got the email with the link for the free sub.  I never got the email so I had no trouble printing the coupon or redeeming it at a local restaurant.

I happen to like Quiznos sandwiches even though they are a little pricey, and I will still go there from time to time.  But I have to say that such offers can’t do much to enhance the image of a business or to bring in new customers.

Quiznos owes its customers more than undelivered emails, taped-up notices, and misspellings.  An apology would be a nice start, but it should not stop there.  Anyone who signed up for the deal and was not able to take advantage of it should receive a—well, I struggle to think of what they could offer us now that would be honored!!!

I’m not sure I would trust them again on an offer.  I guess even with a so-called reputable business, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably (isn’t true) (is too good to be true)!

Sorry, I can never be sure as to which phrasing is correct so I figured you can choose which one you want.  You may not be able to choose a free sub, but that’s not a beef to take up with me.




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