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A Facebook friend of mine responded to something I posted with the following:

” If my bible is correct, God made us all the same and loves us all. So with that in mind, regardless of being gay, straight, cross eyed or whatever, God loves us all. God made us all. We are all perfect in his eyes because he does not make mistakes.”

Let’s get to the point:  This is total nonsense and not supported by the Bible.

The best lie has a seed of truth and there is a seed of truth here—maybe more than one.  Yes, God made all of us and yes, God loves us all.  No, God does not make mistakes.  However, we are NOT all perfect in his eyes.  If we were all perfect in his eyes, then Jesus, as a perfect being, is no more or less than we are.  And if we were all perfect, then we would have no need for Jesus, perfect or not.

The writer was suggesting this argument with regard to homosexuality.  I still insist she is mistaken.

As a heterosexual male and as a Christian, I am not free to sin sexually.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t–doesn’t mean I won’t.  What it does mean is that I choose to live my life to the best of my ability in accordance with a book and a teaching that says certain things are wrong.  I don’t get to vote on it or to change the text to suit my inclinations.  However, I do have the right to ignore that book and do what I choose.  That’s called sin.  Homosexuals don’t get a pass either.  Sexual sin is sexual sin.

So let me go down a dangerous path:  Is autism perfect?  Is spina bifida perfect?  Is cleft palate or hemophilia perfect?  I don’t know anyone who would say yes, yet millions have been born with these conditions.  Science and medicine have worked to identify the conditions, study them, and research in search of cures.  If these conditions were “perfect”, then no need to cure anyone with them.  Yet one would contend that we were “made that way” by God if we were talking about homosexuality.  You can’t have it both ways.

Homosexuality is NOT normal and is not a standard God created in nature.  You may argue that there are homosexual examples in nature.  Show me two dogs with homosexual tendencies and I’ll ask you to show me the pedigree of that dog.  I’ll guarantee that you cannot prove mans’ intervention over millennium in creating the breed even if it’s a mutt.  Show me two wild animals exhibiting homosexual tendencies and I’ll show you the same species licking its own rectum—and then I’ll ask you how their behavior relates to humans!

We are not mere animals, relegated to base instincts.

We are God’s creations, made male and female for the propagation of the species.  Sometimes that special privilege of creating offspring doesn’t work.  That’s because we’re NOT perfect.  We live in a broken and sinful world and have broken and sinful bodies.  The same God that so many hate, despise, and reject allows us to choose our own paths.  From time to time, those paths are evil.  Occasionally, they’re hurtful to others.  And there are times that what we do impacts others beyond what we can comprehend.  But don’t blame God!



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The Bible teaches us that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  But there are a few problems with this teaching:

  1. We’re afraid to tell others that they are sinners
  2. Others don’t like being told they are sinners
  3. We keep changing the definitions around what is a sin

One of the issues at play here is how we tell others they are sinners.  Put gently and in a non-judgmental way, it’s received far better than if the message is delivered, finger in the face and Bible in the other hand.  But each of us who is saved had to be told and/or convinced at some point that WE were sinners in need of Christ.  Our basic job as Believers is to share that message in love and to share Jesus as the answer.  Remember that this Christmas!

Now, if we aren’t sinners, and if we don’t sin—or if we simply deny calling sin “sin”, then we don’t need a savior, that is, assuming we’re correct.  And if we are correct, then Jesus died for nothing and the Bible is a lie:  “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

The way of America seems to be this:  There is no Biblical moral code and there is no sin.  There are no moral absolutes.

This is why homosexuality is such a hot-button issue these days.  Those who are in it don’t want to be called a sinner or be made to feel “unnatural”, and those who know and love these people don’t want to be judgmental.  They genuinely want to be supportive and loving.  I get that.  I’m there too!

But that begs the question:  What do you tell your friend or family member who is sleeping with a married person, not their own spouse?  It’s called adultery and the Bible says it’s wrong.  Do you not call it sin and try to correct the person who is trapped in the relationship?

I hope you would!  You see, to the people involved, it feels GOOD!  It feels NATURAL!  It’s a case of “Don’t tell me who I can love!”  You see, I’ve been there!  I know!  And someone was bold enough to call sin what it is!  This person came and knocked on my door and told me that what I was doing was wrong.  Thing is, I KNEW it was wrong!  And so did she!  But we went there anyway!

Sin is easy!  Sin is fun!

The consequences in this life may not always be so fun.  Her husband wasn’t all that thrilled and the fact that I’m able to sit here today and even type this is a blessing!

We must call sin what it is whether it is heterosexual sin or homosexual sin.  WE ARE ALL SINNERS AND FALL SHORT OF THE STANDARDS GOD HAS ESTABLISHED!

We cannot pull God’s standards down to our level, and we cannot pull OURSELVES up to his.  If we could pull God down to our standards, the wide range of what’s acceptable would be as varied as there are people.  There would be no point in God being Holy if each person could establish his or her own standards.

If we could pull ourselves up to His standards, Jesus’ life and death would have been needless.  Point is, we need him and his atoning death to bridge that gap.

A few times over the years I’ve taken my young son to the playground.  He tries to do a pull-up on the bars but isn’t strong enough.  He simply didn’t have the strength to pull himself up.  He joked once that it would be cool if he could stand there and pull the bar down!  Indeed!  Not much of a pull-up and not a very strong bar if that were possible.  As his dad, I was happy to lift him up to the bar.  Relying on a strength outside of his own body, he was able to crest the bar.

Let’s be bold enough to call sin what it is.  Let’s be bold enough to tell others, in love, that the bridge ahead of them is washed out—that they need to stop and turn around!  But let us also be resolute in knowing what a sin is.  Society doesn’t get to move the goalposts in this game.  We didn’t invent the game, we didn’t mark the boundaries, and we just don’t get to change the rules whenever we want to.



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Look! Homosexuality is not the pet sin of the day or of the year. It’s been around for a long time and opposition to it has been too. If you’re tired of hearing the opposing view, consider that those of us who oppose it are tired of having it thrown in our face everywhere we turn!

We’re tired of the notion that those in favor have more right or reason to express themselves than we do!

Sexual sin, hetero or homo, is a sin! Call it what it is… I didn’t make the rules! Be glad about that! BUT I have broken them too! No-one of us in opposition is saying we’re perfect. What we don’t do, hopefully, is flaunt OUR sin and expect you to wink and nod and accept it–so don’t expect us to do that for you either.

The culture of the day accepting something doesn’t make it OK.

You have a belief system that teaches a point of view. You also don’t get to pick and choose which points are right and which are wrong–God didn’t make a mistake on making MAN AND WOMAN in HIS OWN IMAGE to be together and to form a union. (Phil Robertson is right on that point as well!)

A faith that has us cowering in a corner out of fear is what Peter had. I get that. But it’s time to stand up boldly and stand firm on our faith. Otherwise, it’s time to abandon the faith and just go off and try to be nice people–Humanists!

I’m not judging anyone here except myself. I’m admitting I’ve sinned sexually.

If I’m judging anyone or anything else, it’s God and the Bible. I’m judging them to mean what they say and not be open to revision by cultures that want to do whatever.

If I murder someone or steal, both called out as sins in the Bible, is someone judging me if they then say “murder is a sin” or “stealing is a sin”? Can you imagine a society where BOTH are OK and you are called a hater for saying some sinned by killing a person or by stealing?

Things are a bit crazy when good is called evil and evil is called good!

Isaiah 5:20

New International Version – UK (NIVUK)

20 Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

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It seems that as an NPR listener (but not supporter), I’m barraged on a regular basis with stories about same-sex couples and their plights as they seek one thing or another on a road to parity with traditional, non-same-sex couples.  The coverage has gotten me to sit down and reason through the arguments for and against same-sex marriage.  What I am NOT going to do here is to trot through the religious arguments, or even the “nature” arguments on the topic.  Not relevant here is a discussion on the basis for homosexuality either, or its history in civilization.  What is relevant is what I see as the coming legal response to the issue based on the US Constitution.

Disclaimer 1:  I am not a Constitutional expert.  Then again, I doubt that you are either if you are reading this.

Disclaimer 2:  I do not support same-sex anything.  But that’s not the point here.  It is important for you to keep in mind though as you read on.

Same-Sex Marriage has to become the law of the land!

Federal courts must find in favor of plaintiffs that laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.

(Remember the disclaimers)

The very nature of this Republic and its Constitution necessitate such an outcome.  Here’s why:

1.  Freedom of Religion:  The leading reason people who are opposed to same-sex marriage will give is that “God created marriage as an institution between one man and one woman”.  The basis for this comes from Genesis (which has no mention of the recent mythological Lilith) in which God created Adam and Eve.  Despite the numerous accounts of men having multiple wives—which didn’t mean God endorsed that, only that men did it—the Bible maintains a one man-one woman ratio as the normal pattern for marriage.  Exceptions can be found under Jewish law for taking the widow of a family member as a wife, but this was a matter of social welfare within the society.

Clearly, this view on marriage is a Judeo-Christian view or more simply put, a religious view. For the courts to consider this position, an argument would have to be presented on religious grounds.  A finding in favor of this argument is tantamount to Congress making “a law respecting an establishment of religion”.  It would be an unconstitutional finding.

And more so, Jews and Christians do not want marriage defined for them by Muslims, Hindus, or for that matter, certain sects of Mormons.  Marriage cannot be defined by a church or a religion and simultaneously be Constitutional.

2.  Biology:  A biological argument—that is, arguing that a species consists of male and female for the purpose of procreation—asserts that the only reason for marriage is for just that:  Procreation.  Yet there are many who marry, even heterosexual couples, who cannot have children.  And there are those who do not want children.  If procreation was the only reason for marriage, there would be a lot fewer marriages.

At the heart of this argument are three points:

a.  God told Adam and Eve to multiply

b.  The Catholic church taught that sex was only for procreation

c.  God created the sexes and designed the male and female biology in such a way as to show us how the two are designed to be together and function as one.  This cannot be replicated on a physical or spiritual level in same-sex couples.

Each point rests on a religious base, taking us back to the first argument about the Constitutional nature of bans on same—let’s call it what it is—homosexual marriage.  (If we say “hetero”, we say “homo”.  If we say “same”, we say “non-same”.  Let’s stick to similar descriptors from here out!)  Bans cannot be based on a religious argument and simultaneously be Constitutional.

3.  Civil Precedence:  Marriage in the United States has been a civil matter longer than anyone alive today can remember and I doubt that there is much available, if anything, that would show it to have ever been just a religious matter.

Marriages today are licensed by civil authorities.  A clergyman who officiates over a wedding even says “by the power vested in me by the State…”.  Without such power, that officiant has no authority to join anyone in matrimony, Holy or not.  The couple as well must must present their proof of civil licensure to be married.

Face it:  In the United States, our laws dictate that marriages begin as a civil matter and if divorce occurs, end as a civil matter.  Indeed!  Many marriages are entered into outside of any church or religious setting and church officials have no role in the divorce proceeding.

Conclusion:  In a quick review of marriage and a layman’s view on the Constitution and the law, I would have to conclude that marriage in the United States is a civil matter, defined by laws that must not lean towards the establishment of any religion.

On the other hand, Holy Matrimony is that special institution created and endorsed by God, the Creator, and it cannot be replicated by homosexual couples no matter how many laws are written to give them civil rights.  One must not confuse the authority of the so-called greatest nation on earth with the overwhelming authority of God!

Yet, it seems as though many in denial or rebellion against God’s authority seek approval and justification through man-made authorities.  They will get what they seek.  America is on a permissive path that will only widen over time.

Prediction:  Once marriage is no longer defined as being between one man and one woman, the next minority seeking parity will come to the fore.  It may be those seeking plural marriage, or maybe a group seeking some other variation.  Let’s consider plurals for a moment.  If marriage is not defined as being between one man and one woman, what is that definition?  Who gets to decide?  Is it one man, one man?  One man, two men?  One man, two women?

Someone will have to answer these questions and will not be able to lean on religion or religious opinions in doing so.  That’s what has already gotten us same-sex marriage bans and we see those being knocked down.

It was unfathomable just 50 years ago that we’d be here, yet we are.  So before you dismiss the “slippery slope” argument about a permissive view on the nature of marriage, we should consider how ridiculous this would have seemed had I made a prediction in 1963 that same-sex marriages would be legal in any state in 2013—fifty years hence.

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In my previous post, I talked about same-sex marriage with regards to rights.  The question of rights is usually tracked back to the Loving vs. Virginia Supreme Court case in which laws against mixed-race marriages were struck down.  In the decision, Supreme Court Justice Warren wrote “Marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man’, fundamental to our very existence and survival.”

I would infer that “survival” is a nod toward procreation.  And since same-sex couples don’t procreate, I doubt the opinion would have extended to them even if such were an issue of the day.

But in keeping with the title of the post, I thought I’d share a list of issues faced by same-sex couples that are not faced as a matter of routine.  I won’t go into details—you can research on your own.  These issues are not endemic to heterosexual couples, whether same race or mixed race.  So much for equating same-sex marriage to interracial marriage:

Same -Sex Health Issues (Male)

  • Men who have sex with men are at increased risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. 

Source:  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/health-issues-for-gay-men/my00738

Sorry!  If you don’t like this, complain to the Mayo Clinic—not me!  I’m just sharing the information.

The next list is a bit more insidius and more graphic.

  • Anal Cancer
  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Giardia lamblia
  • Herpes simplex virus
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • Isospora belli
  • Microsporidia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Viral hepatitis types B & C
  • Syphilis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anal fissures
  • Anorectal trauma
  • Retained foreign bodies

Source:  http://factsaboutyouth.com/posts/male-homosexual-behavior/

OK, some of these issues can occur in heterosexual couples—no argument.  But the prevalence in the homosexual community is by far over-represented in the population.

It shows that it’s true:  That you hurt the one you love.

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I don’t believe or accept that for one moment.

The author of the opinion piece on CNN.com, Candace Chellew-Hodge is openly gay, the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister, and herself the pastor of a small church in South Carolina.  Gay issue aside, she really needs to check her theology.  No, I’m not talking about any verses that we typically hear trotted out to bash gays.  I’m talking about her understanding of real love.  She says, in the article, “that real love heals and never divides.”

I read an NIV Bible I picked up in England in ’84.  Here’s how a few passages in Luke 12 read:

Not Peace but Division

49I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!

     50But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is completed!

     51Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.

     52From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three.

     53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.

Apparently, Candace reads a more gay-friendly version that interprets Jesus’ words differently or maybe she doesn’t believe Jesus represents true love.  Of course, he is the epitome of love.  He is Love incarnate.  And while he did heal many, he also divides.

But one more thing:  As he healed, he told people to stop sinning.  He didn’t tell them to be taller, shorter, prettier, thinner, or less sensual.  He simply said to stop sinning.

That applies to the heterosexual sinner and the homosexual sinner.  To say “I’m gay” (which I personally am not) and therefore I am free to sexually debase myself by indulging in homosexual love and lust is equivalent to saying “I’m straight (and I am) and therefore I am free to sexually debase myself by indulging in heterosexual love and lust!  That simply isn’t the case and doesn’t hold water.  A “gay” person is Biblically called to sexual purity just as the non-gay is.  There is no double standard here—behave yourself and be sexually pure.  There is no gay option for being in a gay relationship and being sexually pure.  It just doesn’t work.

There are paedophiles who say “I like children” but we reject that as a society.

There are those who love animals and act on their lusts—bestiality is still a crime here.

But with so many gays in the land—with curriculum in schools telling our children it’s normal—with every network cramming it down the line to our TVs—and with so many celebs coming out, it feels normal.  With so many people cowering in a corner lest they be threatened, fired, or attacked for speaking out, it’s no wonder it’s being pushed on us.  But it still isn’t right!

Back to the teaser on CNN:  “God Made Me Gay”


You (Candace or other gay readers) don’t know what made you gay!  I don’t believe or accept that God did that to you.  God allowed it but it’s most likely a hormonal imbalance that occurred during gestation that “caused” you to be “gay”.  It’s a fallen world and no-one is perfect, physically, medically, mentally, or hormonally.  Your extra testosterone in your female body (or lack of adequate testosterone in your male body) could just as easily have been caused by hormones in milk your mother drank during her pregnancy, how long she was on birth control before you were conceived, or any other number of medical and environmental factors.

Do NOT blame God for your condition or the immoral way you decide to act based on the condition you claim!  You have a choice as to how you act, even given your condition.  In that condition, you too are called by the same God to not sin.  It isn’t any less sin simply because you want to do it!



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Why does homosexuality exist?

If it is a genetic trait, one would think that absent scientific or medical interference, or absent a heterosexual encounter, the behavior would die with the individual.  No genetic material passed to a new generation, no new generation of homosexuals.

However, since we have new generations of homosexuals and as the media would lead one to believe, more today among us than in the past, something else must be happening.

Consider the options:

  1. Hereditary Genetic trait
  2. Hereditary Genetic mutation or defect
  3. Environmental Influence
    • Chemical or Substance (Non-Hormonal)
    • Hormonal
    • Social

I’ve already addressed my thoughts on #1.  If reproduction is limited for individuals with a particular trait, say green eyes, the trait becomes less common in subsequent generations.  That doesn’t mean eradicated, but certainly less prevalent.  In that homosexuality appears to becoming more prevalent, I doubt it’s genetic.  But who knows?

As for genetic mutation, I think the same pretty much applies.  To practicing homosexuals who have no heterosexual partners or medical intervention, there is no new generation to pass anything on to.  And adoption and surrogacy don’t count.

So that leaves environmental influences.  I’ve long suspected this anyway but have hesitated to write about it because of the expected backlash and hate comments.  But I was so impressed with this thought process that I HAVE to write about it!

Sadly, I doubt anyone will ever do a study on this because quite frankly, people either don’t care or don’t want to know.  If someone can show what causes the switch to flip to the other direction, then we get into a world of asking how to flip the switch back?  Or should the switch be flipped?  We could find a whole new litigious order of legal practice over culpable practices and products.  Certainly, industry doesn’t want that and no self-respecting homosexual wants to subject himself/herself to diagnostic testing in order for someone to find out what’s WRONG with him or her!

But what if…?

Sure!  What if we take what science tells us about how the fetus is bathed with hormones.  What if we take how this hormonal bath affects the sexual identity of the fetus and apply some simple logic.  No religion!  No platform!  Just logic!

Now, add in all of the hormones, man-made and natural, in our foods.  Milk!  Chicken!  Soy!  The list could go on.

Take the sexual revolution’s crown jewel, the Pill, and add this in for good measure.  Let’s mess with the mother’s natural hormone balances for years and years, sometimes starting as an early teen.  Let’s hope that the body cleanses itself of these hormones well enough before a pregnancy.  And if not, then what?

Could we have an issue when that naturally occurring hormone bath time comes?  I think so.

“According to scientific findings detailed in an engaging, accessible fashion in The Female Brain, the process starts very early indeed. In fact, it is during the first 18 weeks of pregnancy that waves of hormones determine whether a baby’s brain becomes male or female. “Until eight weeks old, every fetal brain looks female.” And then, in male babies, a huge flow of testosterone actually kills off brain cells in the communication centers and fosters growth of cells in the parts of the brain that support aggression and sex. The female baby brain, absent this male hormone bath, “sprouts more connections in the communication centers and areas that process emotion.”

Brizendine clearly lays out the facts. “Although we were taught that sex differences mostly came from how your parents raised you as a boy or girl we now know that’s not completely true,” she writes. “There is no unisex brain. Girls arrive already wired as girls, and boys arrive already wired as boys.”  (Source:  http://www.compleatmother.com/articles2/baby-brain.htm )

Proving this would be hard for the reasons I already mentioned.  No pharmaceutical company wants the liability and no doctor or pharmacist wants it either.  Certainly, Planned Parenthood would swing from the highest gallows for its involvement in the Pill trade!

Many of you won’t like this post because you don’t want to accept that homosexuality is (1) hereditary genetic trait, (2) hereditary genetic flaw, or (3) chemically or hormonally induced.

Could it be socially induced?   Influence from media?  Opportunity?  Boredom?  Curiosity?  You probably don’t like those choices either, opting to say that these social factors only serve to make one more self-aware and to act on their feelings more comfortably.  But it’s probably a hard-sell to pin “cause” on these.

That’s fine.

Of course, that leaves one other option—Choice.

If it’s none of the above, then it’s simply a choice.

Now, I know (personally) some who say they were “born this way” and I can’t argue the point with them.  But that suggests then that it’s one of the causes listed above.  A congenital condition.

“JoAnn Deak reports that the differences in male and female brains start in the womb. “Many female brains have more neurons in certain areas than male brains, as a result of having more estrogen bathe them during fetal development. A hormonal/chemical wash (estrogen for girls, testosterone for boys) actually enhances certain parts of the brain and changes them structurally before birth. Therefore, each of us is born with different hard wiring.”  (Source: http://www.pbs.org/parents/raisinggirls/brains/nature.html )

So if it’s chemical or hormonal, they’re right.  They WERE  born that way!  But that doesn’t mean it’s something to be paraded around and celebrated.  If it’s truly genetic, it’s a self-defeating trait and should have died off decades ago since purely homosexual individuals could not procreate.  I would think that natural selection would find it counter-productive to the continuation of a species and weed it out.  (Not that I buy into evolution.)

As for genetic defects, well, hemophilia is a genetic defect but you don’t see “Bleed Freely Pride” celebrations with people cutting themselves and bleeding in the streets!  Ever hear of “Huntington’s Pride Marches”?  Of course not!  So why Gay Pride?

Hey!  Look at me!  I’m proud of my genetic disorder and look how I act to celebrate it!”

Ridiculous supposition.

I have no idea what is behind the prevalence (or apparent prevalence) of homosexuality, at least in 21st Century America but SOMETHING is behind it.

Don’t just be a hater… Offer a better suggestion if you have one.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenatal_hormones_and_sexual_orientation  (Best Evidence for my Point.  However, it supports a  point similar to saying that Thalidomide causes congenital changes too but we recognize those as birth defects.  Is homosexuality a birth defect too?  It clearly is not in line with nature’s model for procreation in a species.)



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