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Michael Meyer, NASA scientist, questions how life on Earth began.  In his comments about how life might have begun on Mars, he says that we know that meteors from Earth have hit Mars.

I’d like to know what evidence there is that any meteors from Earth have hit Mars.  Any impact that could cause a chunk of this world to be expelled into space surely happened before man was here to witness it–and live to tell.  The odds that a chunk escaped our gravity and made its way all the way to Mars are extraordinary.  And I have yet to hear of any findings on Mars that supports this claim.


In researching this, I found this CNN opinion article in which the author states “But organic molecules get delivered to planets all the time from impacts by small and large asteroids and comets (like February’s fireball impact above Chelyabinsk, Russia), providing the last key ingredient for habitability.”

Really?  So where is the evidence of these organic molecules?  I also researched the Chelyabinsk meteor and fail to find any mention of organic matter.

As usual, it’s amazing that science states information as fact without the generally accepted level of evidence to support it.  If it’s said enough times, it must be true.  Otherwise, they must be operating on hope and faith.  And if that’s the case, then it’s religion, not science!


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The iceberg has been hit!  The ship is taking on water!

You are part of the crew and are responsible for helping save the passengers.  Now consider:

  1. You can debate whether the ship is going to sink,
  2. You can debate whether some of the passengers are worth saving,
  3. Or You can simply do your job and save as many as possible.

As Christians, we have a Bible and a doctrine that teaches us that the “ship” has already hit the iceberg and is doomed.  We aren’t here to debate the size of the iceberg, whether we hit it, the rate at which the ship is taking on water, or whether the ship will sink.  It’s not our place to try to determine which passengers are worthy of being saved.   Our mandate comes from One who wants all of the passengers saved.

There are some who are in the water and don’t believe they’re drowning.  There may be others on the deck who refuse to believe the ship will go down.  Still others may be convinced that the ship is in trouble but they’re afraid to jump.  We need to reach them all and as with the Titanic, time is running out.

It is not enough to say “I’m in a lifeboat, I’m good!”  No!  We are tasked to pull as many into the boats as we can.  Convince those who need it to jump into the water.  But convincing others of the peril and doom they face without a change in their situation is our job.

We have a Titanic opportunity before us!  All hands on deck!

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Look! Homosexuality is not the pet sin of the day or of the year. It’s been around for a long time and opposition to it has been too. If you’re tired of hearing the opposing view, consider that those of us who oppose it are tired of having it thrown in our face everywhere we turn!

We’re tired of the notion that those in favor have more right or reason to express themselves than we do!

Sexual sin, hetero or homo, is a sin! Call it what it is… I didn’t make the rules! Be glad about that! BUT I have broken them too! No-one of us in opposition is saying we’re perfect. What we don’t do, hopefully, is flaunt OUR sin and expect you to wink and nod and accept it–so don’t expect us to do that for you either.

The culture of the day accepting something doesn’t make it OK.

You have a belief system that teaches a point of view. You also don’t get to pick and choose which points are right and which are wrong–God didn’t make a mistake on making MAN AND WOMAN in HIS OWN IMAGE to be together and to form a union. (Phil Robertson is right on that point as well!)

A faith that has us cowering in a corner out of fear is what Peter had. I get that. But it’s time to stand up boldly and stand firm on our faith. Otherwise, it’s time to abandon the faith and just go off and try to be nice people–Humanists!

I’m not judging anyone here except myself. I’m admitting I’ve sinned sexually.

If I’m judging anyone or anything else, it’s God and the Bible. I’m judging them to mean what they say and not be open to revision by cultures that want to do whatever.

If I murder someone or steal, both called out as sins in the Bible, is someone judging me if they then say “murder is a sin” or “stealing is a sin”? Can you imagine a society where BOTH are OK and you are called a hater for saying some sinned by killing a person or by stealing?

Things are a bit crazy when good is called evil and evil is called good!

Isaiah 5:20

New International Version – UK (NIVUK)

20 Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

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The last time we heard about sex in a headline-catching manner from the White House, it was Bill Clinton denying having had a sexual relationship with that woman, Monica Lewinski.  Until now.

In an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts, President Barack Obama made a statement of his personal view on same-sex marriage.  With staffers who are in committed relationships and raising kids, and having gay and lesbians serving in his military—for that matter, having friends of his daughters with same-sex parents—there’s enough reason to say that it’s time to accept the right of same-sex couples to be able to marry.

What the President did not do is to endorse a Federal measure.  Rather, he did endorse states’ rights in determining their laws with regard to marriage.  Even so, the pendulum will likely swing more quickly in the direction of same-sex marriage, especially in this election year with the President coming out in favor of the “institution”.

So it’s time to get behind the President.

OK, so I’m obviously NOT serious!

This was an election year stunt!

This was to bolster support for the Dems following the results of Tuesday’s primaries.

This was a man denouncing his previous faith-based stand against something—and hiding behind an unrelated mention of Jesus and a flimsy reference to “do unto others…”

He previously hid behind “faith” but back-tracked saying he thought civil union was adequate.  This is like saying that murder is Biblically wrong—I thought beating the person senseless was good enough.

This is the most ridiculous situation I’ve seen occur in the White House.  The acceptance of the President endorsing same-sex marriage on national TV—and against the back-drop of the Oval Office—should prompt an outcry.  He was asked but certainly was prepped for the questions he’d face.  The question could have been eliminated or not answered.  He chose to answer it with what was a very prepared answer designed to touch on several emotional points and to engender him to the LGBT community and its supporters.  The timing is no mistake, coming on the heels of Joe Biden’s widely publicized “gaffe”.  I suggest that it was no gaffe but rather carefully orchestrated foreshadowing, setting the stage for today’s news.

On the flip side, the outcry against Kirk Cameron for also asking a question in a televised interview was deafening.  A private citizen, in charge of only his own family, suggests that homosexuality is not natural and he is maligned by multitudes.

Perhaps the President is right.  The position on same-sex issues may be generational.  Those of an older generation when morals were more publicly promoted tend to oppose the issues while those who are the offspring of a liberated, free-sex, progressive generation are themselves rather permissive and accepting.  Remove morals thoroughly enough from a generation and the next one is destined to view those same morals as antiquated and out of step with society.  We’re there!

Just yesterday, I was in a Facebook discussion with a young woman who finds nothing wrong with same-sex marriage.  She stands on the principle of not wanting to tell people who they can or can’t love.  Not the point.  Same-sex marriage is not about who one can love.  At heart, it’s about equality with heterosexual couples, whether for taxes, health benefits, death benefits, or just feeling “normal” or “equal”.

My counter-point is this:  While not in any way equating homosexuality with any other sexual proclivity that society still shuns, I am suggesting that the argument of not wanting to impose restrictions on who can marry has a logical conclusion that equates to “anything goes”.

Most anti-discrimination laws in the land include “age, race, religion, national origin, etc., etc.”  Sexual orientation has made its way onto the list in some jurisdictions.  So let’s apply the two in tandem:  We’re not going to say a couple cannot marry because of race.  We don’t have barriers for religion although some groups may choose to stay separate.  Similarly, we don’t put barriers up around national origin, etc.  BUT, when it comes to marriage, we do have rules on age.  OK, not about the 70+ year-old and a 20-year-old, but there are barriers against persons under 16 in most states.  Indeed, we have laws against sex with those past the age of majority and a  minor.  It’s only a matter of time before this barrier comes down too.

When we move to the left and accept more permissive positions, especially from a platform of not imposing moral guidelines on others, then when those who truly offend us want their way, we have nothing to stand on.  When someone wants to marry a 10-year-old, one could say that age is just a number—who are we to say who the person can or can’t marry?  A man and his dog?  Again…

There have to be moral guidelines or society falls apart.  Society won’t fall apart over same-sex marriage, underage sex, or bestiality.  Society will fall apart because morality will be one day defined by every person for himself, herself, and itself.

So it’s time to get behind the President.  Let’s get behind him and push him right out of the White House!!!



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It’s that time of year again!  Millions are looking forward to the brackets being played down to a championship battle between hoopsters, a process that fuels basketball hysteria known as March Madness.  In St Louis, there is an interesting take on it known as Arch Madness.  Cute!

March means a lot of things to a lot of people.  For one of my daughters, it meant seeing The Kooks in concert.  To another daughter, it means Spring Break.  To me, it means Bonus!  And to Kirk Cameron, it means something Monumental.  You see, on March 27th—and only on that day—a live event will be hosted in theatres across the country.  If there is no other movie I see this year, I want to see this one.

Never a big Kirk Cameron fan, I grew to appreciate him more because of his part in Left Behind.  And while I’ve moved away from the commercialism and fallacy of that story line, I realized that the courage of this young man was inspiring.  Here’s someone who was at one time the darling of the country and he’s taking a stand for what he believes in and speaking out on behalf of Christian values.  The icing on the cake was Fireproof with its anti-porn, pro-marriage, pro-faith, pro-forgiveness, pro-mercy message.

Here is a family man, a celebrity, and a Believer!  Here is a man who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.  Here is a man who could just go his own way and be comfortable in his life—except that here is a man who is greatly troubled by what he sees happening in America.  In the movie, Kirk comments “There is something seriously sick in the soul of our country.”  One only needs to watch 5 minutes of the evening news, check out CNN’s US home page, or read the first few pages of the local newspaper (if you still have one where you live) to see the daily depravity and sickness around us!  For all the healthy tissue in this body called America, there are cancerous tumors and lesions throughout every vital system and organ.  The stench of sickness is in every town and city, every office, every school.  The voices that call out for spiritual change and moral revival are shouted down, cowed into silence, threatened with insult, injury, and loss.  In such a time, one who will still stand is a hero worth rallying around.  Let us hope such heroes today are not tomorrow’s martyrs.

If you see any ad for the movie, you will see a monument in the background.  You may not know it or recognize it.  I trust the movie will explain about it but in the meantime, here’s some information for you.  The monument is in Massachusetts.  It is called the National Monument to the Forefathers.  It consists of five large figures:  Faith (top and central), Freedom, Morality, Law, and Education.  Articles about it may be a bit confusing so here’s some help.  The top and central figure is an artistic representation of Faith as a woman—a personification.  She is pointing upwards figuratively toward Heaven.  In her left hand is the Holy Bible.  Already you can see why this is not a well-known monument.  Faith is something that many claim to have, just not in anything the Bible says or teaches.

Around the base of the monument, there are four extensions or buttresses.  On the top of each buttress is another figure, each being the personification of one of the following:  Freedom, Morality, Law, and Education.  Each is seated on a chair and on the sides of the chairs are carved, relief figures.  “Freedom” has a figure on one side of the chair representing “Tyranny” and a figure on the other side representing “Peace”.  Similarly, “Morality” has two figures, one on each side of the chair:  “Prophet” and “Evangelist”.  “Law” has “Justice” and “Mercy” while “Education” has “Youth” and “Experience”.  Again, each being represented as a person.  The relationship between figures is better explained here.

Last but not least, on the front of the buttresses and under the seated figures are four reliefs.  These reliefs represent scenes from Pilgrim history:  Under “Freedom” is a scene representing “Landing”; under “Morality” the scene portrayed is “Embarkation”; under “Law” is portrayed “Treaty”; and under “Education” is a scene commemorating the Mayflower “Compact”.

The foundations of the country are here represented in stone, denied today by the revisionists who prefer a Godless, do anything, allow anything, liberal and progressive society.  The virtues and values of this monument have no place in the America of the 21st Century.  Again, Kirk’s comments:  “As I look around I get this sinking feeling that we’re off track, that there’s something sick in the soul of our country.  I examine the fruit that’s hanging on the tree of America and I can see that it’s rotting. And that concerns me deeply.” 

The decay in America will not stay in the inner city.  It will not be tucked away in the corners of suburbia.  It will not respect your gated communities.  It will not be content with the morsels you hand it today when it can see the feast on your tables.  No, the decay in America will spread from sea to shining sea and sweep you up with it no matter how safe you think you are today!  We should all be concerned!

If only America’s Growing Pains were a sitcom!  Sadly, they are more akin to the throes of death.










And by the way, he’s right!  Homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy.  Stand with him on this or fall for anything!  And by the way, the Bible tells us that one day, many will fall for lies—that which tickles your ears and that which will sound so convincing so as to fool even the elect.  It doesn’t matter what his misguided, former costars say, they need your prayers as much if not more than Kirk does.  Kirk for his strenghening but those others for their state of being lost.

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Ask an anti-Chrisitan about where human life came from and most if not all will say it evolved.  Then play the “Seven Questions” game with them.   The tactic is actually used with “Why?” to get through root-cause analysis but works here too.  Let’s use a variety of interrogatives to get through this one though:

1.  Evolved from what?

2.  Where did apes come from?

3.  What did they evolve from?

4.  Where did these earlier life forms come from?

5.  Where did the first life on earth come from?

6.  If it was a lightning strike into a pond of some primordial ooze, how was that life sustained long enough to live, grow, divide or reproduce?

7.  If it was some cosmic “germ” sent here on an asteroid or comet, where did that life come from?

And with either question 6 or 7, one has to back-up and realize that SCIENCE has no answer to these questions.  Go back far enough, even at this high level, and the theory of evolution falls on its face.  Life originated somewhere  and it’s just not likely that the primordial single-cell organisms had the means, being only seconds, minutes, or even hours old, to feed much less reproduce:  

1.  What would they feed on?  (Food?)

2.  How would they feed or even know that they should feed?  (Mouth?  Digestive System?  Waste?)

3.  How would they be aware of other organisms? (Sensory organs?  Awareness?)

4.  How would they know how to or even be aware of the need or benefit of mating?  (Sexual or Asexual, either way)

5.  Absent “instincts” to feed or mate, how long did they live? (Definition of life? Death?)

6.  Why didn’t the next lightning strike not destroy them all?  (Fragility of “new” life?)

7.  How much of the fantasy is the world willing to take, absent any evidence, and purely on faith?

Fast forward to today and we have an article about Osedax, a so-called zombie worm that apparently destroys whale bones before they can fossilize—and naturally, become the “a ha!” answer as to why we seem to be missing fossil records that would tie the species together.  How convenient that these worms would destroy only the pieces we need in order to link together all of the abundant fossils we have today!

Another article talks about how humans mated with Neanderthals and Denisovan ancestors to Homo Sapiens.  The theory is built on a finger bone and a tooth.  From this, we create a whole race of people who are apparently responsible, to some degree, for giving us an Asian population.  Good thing I’m not Asian or I would be deeply offended!

Faith… faith in science built on speculation, refusal to accept religion as an answer, and built on body fragments of one or more individuals.

Faith… built on geography, history, and peoples who have been present on the planet as far back as anyone can recall.  The Bible includes the corroborated histories of Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Greece, and more.  The artifacts are there.  The cities are there.  The walls, the pottery, tombs, and more.

Show me more than a finger and a tooth and maybe… just maybe… I ‘ll buy into the Denisovan story.   Nah!





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You’ve seen the bumper sticker—It has the word “coexist” in stylized letters consisting of symbols from a few of the world’s religions and belief systems.  The concept is nice.  Well, it seems nice enough.  We should be able to coexist.  The truth is that we do.  That coexistence has not always been peaceful or tolerant and that’s more the message the movement is trying to get across.  The concept is to leave their gods alone—if they have one or any at all—and they will leave our God alone.

The deeper sentiment many have is that we so-called Christians are ignorant, intolerant, and just plain old wrong.  We tend to have an exclusive view of our religion.  They contend that ours is just one of many paths to God—wherever she may be.  Or whatever it may be.  Or you choose.

How dare we be so arrogant as to claim to have the one, true religion.

If we believe our Bible at all—at least, enough to claim to be a Christian, then we have to believe in the man, Jesus, and who he is.  If we do not believe him or his message, then we are not Christians.  Simple test, no judging.  We believe or we don’t.

Now if we believe in Jesus, then we accept that what he said is true.  If we cannot claim that, then we say he lied and that makes us fools to believe in him.  So we believe in him.  And what did he say about himself and God?

John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.”

If Jesus is “the way”, he is not one of the ways.  He is “it”!

If no-one comes to God except through him, then no-one else gets to God through anyone else.  Not through Mary, not through a priest, not through a statue of a fat-bellied, smiling man, etc.

If we are Christians, we HAVE to accept that the one called Christ is who he said he is and that he spoke the truth.  In that case, yes, we can coexist—here on earth.  There is no coexistence between Believers and non-believers once we slip across the veil of death.

We have a right to be exclusive in our belief—or we have no right to our belief.



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