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shirley-templeAt the passing of this legend of the silver screen and former US Ambassador to two nations, we should pause to honor her.  She wasn’t a celebrity as we know them today:  Naked, Drugged, Profane, Abused, Abusive, in Jail, or in Rehab.  This was a woman of class and distinction.  The nation should recognize her for her service.

Shirley Temple was born on 28 April 1928.  It is too late for the President to order flags at half-staff—if he hasn’t thought to by now, it won’t happen.  This petition is to get him to do SOMETHING.

I propose 28 April 2014 be declared “Shirley Temple Black Day”.  Join me in this please.




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…with Liberty, and Justice… for some?

Routinely we hear stories in the news where an accused father or mother is separated from their children and/or other family members.  This is especially true in cases involving assault and abuse—and especially so with sexual assault cases.  When such cases arise and a parent cannot see his or her own child (in cases where the child was not the victim), I understand the concern, although I may not agree.  On the other hand, in the case of Jerry Sandusky, I fail to see how or why he should be allowed to see his grandchildren, with parental supervision or not!  This seems to smack of political favoritism and not necessarily what Joe Schmoe could expect given the same circumstances.

There is an imbalance in our justice system and that injustice usually occurs due to the lack of consistency in how cases are ruled.  Then again, the fairness of the justice system comes from the ability of a judge to apply extenuating circumstances to reach a ruling.  In the flexibility of our legal system, and for all of the variations in case-law from state to state, there is both balance and imbalance.

For Jerry Sandusky, it seems to be more imbalance than not:

In his ruling Monday, Cleland denied the Pennsylvania attorney general’s request that Sandusky be required to stay indoors during his house arrest because of fears from neighbors and teachers at a nearby elementary school.

Prosecutors did not present any evidence showing that Sandusky had tried to contact children at the school, Cleland said.”

Under the same logic, there is no reason to restrict paedophiles from living or working within a certain distance from a school, park, or other public area where children congregate.  Without proof that the offender has tried to contact any of the children…


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