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Why does homosexuality exist?

If it is a genetic trait, one would think that absent scientific or medical interference, or absent a heterosexual encounter, the behavior would die with the individual.  No genetic material passed to a new generation, no new generation of homosexuals.

However, since we have new generations of homosexuals and as the media would lead one to believe, more today among us than in the past, something else must be happening.

Consider the options:

  1. Hereditary Genetic trait
  2. Hereditary Genetic mutation or defect
  3. Environmental Influence
    • Chemical or Substance (Non-Hormonal)
    • Hormonal
    • Social

I’ve already addressed my thoughts on #1.  If reproduction is limited for individuals with a particular trait, say green eyes, the trait becomes less common in subsequent generations.  That doesn’t mean eradicated, but certainly less prevalent.  In that homosexuality appears to becoming more prevalent, I doubt it’s genetic.  But who knows?

As for genetic mutation, I think the same pretty much applies.  To practicing homosexuals who have no heterosexual partners or medical intervention, there is no new generation to pass anything on to.  And adoption and surrogacy don’t count.

So that leaves environmental influences.  I’ve long suspected this anyway but have hesitated to write about it because of the expected backlash and hate comments.  But I was so impressed with this thought process that I HAVE to write about it!

Sadly, I doubt anyone will ever do a study on this because quite frankly, people either don’t care or don’t want to know.  If someone can show what causes the switch to flip to the other direction, then we get into a world of asking how to flip the switch back?  Or should the switch be flipped?  We could find a whole new litigious order of legal practice over culpable practices and products.  Certainly, industry doesn’t want that and no self-respecting homosexual wants to subject himself/herself to diagnostic testing in order for someone to find out what’s WRONG with him or her!

But what if…?

Sure!  What if we take what science tells us about how the fetus is bathed with hormones.  What if we take how this hormonal bath affects the sexual identity of the fetus and apply some simple logic.  No religion!  No platform!  Just logic!

Now, add in all of the hormones, man-made and natural, in our foods.  Milk!  Chicken!  Soy!  The list could go on.

Take the sexual revolution’s crown jewel, the Pill, and add this in for good measure.  Let’s mess with the mother’s natural hormone balances for years and years, sometimes starting as an early teen.  Let’s hope that the body cleanses itself of these hormones well enough before a pregnancy.  And if not, then what?

Could we have an issue when that naturally occurring hormone bath time comes?  I think so.

“According to scientific findings detailed in an engaging, accessible fashion in The Female Brain, the process starts very early indeed. In fact, it is during the first 18 weeks of pregnancy that waves of hormones determine whether a baby’s brain becomes male or female. “Until eight weeks old, every fetal brain looks female.” And then, in male babies, a huge flow of testosterone actually kills off brain cells in the communication centers and fosters growth of cells in the parts of the brain that support aggression and sex. The female baby brain, absent this male hormone bath, “sprouts more connections in the communication centers and areas that process emotion.”

Brizendine clearly lays out the facts. “Although we were taught that sex differences mostly came from how your parents raised you as a boy or girl we now know that’s not completely true,” she writes. “There is no unisex brain. Girls arrive already wired as girls, and boys arrive already wired as boys.”  (Source:  http://www.compleatmother.com/articles2/baby-brain.htm )

Proving this would be hard for the reasons I already mentioned.  No pharmaceutical company wants the liability and no doctor or pharmacist wants it either.  Certainly, Planned Parenthood would swing from the highest gallows for its involvement in the Pill trade!

Many of you won’t like this post because you don’t want to accept that homosexuality is (1) hereditary genetic trait, (2) hereditary genetic flaw, or (3) chemically or hormonally induced.

Could it be socially induced?   Influence from media?  Opportunity?  Boredom?  Curiosity?  You probably don’t like those choices either, opting to say that these social factors only serve to make one more self-aware and to act on their feelings more comfortably.  But it’s probably a hard-sell to pin “cause” on these.

That’s fine.

Of course, that leaves one other option—Choice.

If it’s none of the above, then it’s simply a choice.

Now, I know (personally) some who say they were “born this way” and I can’t argue the point with them.  But that suggests then that it’s one of the causes listed above.  A congenital condition.

“JoAnn Deak reports that the differences in male and female brains start in the womb. “Many female brains have more neurons in certain areas than male brains, as a result of having more estrogen bathe them during fetal development. A hormonal/chemical wash (estrogen for girls, testosterone for boys) actually enhances certain parts of the brain and changes them structurally before birth. Therefore, each of us is born with different hard wiring.”  (Source: http://www.pbs.org/parents/raisinggirls/brains/nature.html )

So if it’s chemical or hormonal, they’re right.  They WERE  born that way!  But that doesn’t mean it’s something to be paraded around and celebrated.  If it’s truly genetic, it’s a self-defeating trait and should have died off decades ago since purely homosexual individuals could not procreate.  I would think that natural selection would find it counter-productive to the continuation of a species and weed it out.  (Not that I buy into evolution.)

As for genetic defects, well, hemophilia is a genetic defect but you don’t see “Bleed Freely Pride” celebrations with people cutting themselves and bleeding in the streets!  Ever hear of “Huntington’s Pride Marches”?  Of course not!  So why Gay Pride?

Hey!  Look at me!  I’m proud of my genetic disorder and look how I act to celebrate it!”

Ridiculous supposition.

I have no idea what is behind the prevalence (or apparent prevalence) of homosexuality, at least in 21st Century America but SOMETHING is behind it.

Don’t just be a hater… Offer a better suggestion if you have one.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenatal_hormones_and_sexual_orientation  (Best Evidence for my Point.  However, it supports a  point similar to saying that Thalidomide causes congenital changes too but we recognize those as birth defects.  Is homosexuality a birth defect too?  It clearly is not in line with nature’s model for procreation in a species.)




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I was out shopping today which is unusual.  The story is this:  I decided to bring a printer back to my apartment in St Louis and despite my best efforts yesterday to find the right ink cartridge at an Office Depot in Indianapolis, I had no ink.  So I left the office relatively early and drove to the local store.  As I walked in, there was a $20 bill on the floor.

OK, this is not about the ethics of what to do with the money.  I’ve turned money in before only to think that the owner never came back for it or that the person simply pocketed it.  I was prepared to give it to the owner had someone come back in while I was there but no-one did.  I further rationalized that the owner likely would not know where or how they lost it to even come back for it.  It stayed in my pocket as I went about getting my ink cartridges.

Now here’s what I didn’t tell you yet.  On the way there, I thought that I’d stop at Schnuck’s on the way back and get some milk.  I’ve been without it for weeks now, being too lazy to go to the store—and too cheap.  Now with the $20, I figured I’d go ahead and stop.

After getting a few extra goodies, I went up to the checkout.  There was a checkout that looked virtually empty except for one  customer.  Turns out this young mother (had two small daughters with her) was buying food in increments based on her WIC vouchers.  I thought about how I remembered Kelly (don’t ask!) doing that years and years ago.  There were shorter lines but I felt I was in no hurry and decided to wait.  But I was absent-mindedly looking around and not paying much attention to the woman or her activities.

Once she had finished all of her checking out—about 5 minutes or so for me to wait—off she went.  The cashier greeted me and began ringing up my items.  It was then that I noticed a gallon of milk sitting up on the register.  The cashier confirmed my thoughts:  The woman couldn’t get it for some reason.  As I looked way down the walkway, she was nearing the door.

I should have run after her!  I didn’t.  When I got out to the parking lot a few minutes later, I looked around for her but not a trace!

Assuming a lot here, that milk was something she and those girls wanted and I could have—should have—simply paid for it for them.  It was about $3.50 or so (I had looked and opted to get a half-gallon as it’s cheaper) and I could have easily paid for it even without the $20 I’d found!

Sometimes I really hate myself for stuff like this!  A mother trying to buy food!  A simple gallon of milk.  And me with the ability to make a difference even for a gallon of milk!  Maybe that’s even why I was able to find this money.  How slow!  How selfish!  How aggravating!!!

Do me a favor please:  Be more attentive to the needs of others than I was today.  Make a difference for someone!

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And you thought B.S. meant something else?  Maybe for you—not me!

You see, Stef (Stefanie) has had influence on my life in ways you could never guess or understand.  I was checking out her blog and saw this and (1) just because she thought enough to do it, I have to, but (2) it’s kinda cool too.  Introspective in many ways.  Do you have the guts to follow suit?

The ABCs of me… (Just for fun!)

Age:  51.  Seems there was a time I couldn’t imagine “20” much less being over half a century old!  I feel 30-ish except for my knees.  Would be nice to have time to run.  For that matter, would be nice to have time to do lots of things I don’t do anymore.

Bed size:  Queen.  Feels a lot bigger now that the Great Dane can’t get up there any more.

Chore you hate:  Drying dishes and putting them away.  I did it so much as a kid, maybe that’s why.  Still, I’ll do it if I have to.  You get to a point where you do what you have to do regardless of how you feel about it.

Dogs:  If I could, I’d have a Great Pyrenees.  You need to read “The Great Debate” about my wife’s desire to have a Dane and mine to have a Pyr.  Check “B” above to see who won in case you skipped it.

Essential start to your day:  Check email.  Yep, even before shower, shaving, or brushing…  (I find out if anyone commented overnight!)

Favorite color:  Blue.  An Air Force thing… and it’s just an easy color to wear in almost any situation.

Gold or silver:  Silver.  Smooth, shiny, and overlooked by so many.  Expensive but not out of reach.  Obtainable in almost any quantity and a good investment.

Height:  5′ 10.5″  Short by comparison to many men these days but the tallest one in my family growing up, and tallest in my house now.

Instruments that you can play:  I can play some simple things on the piano, have played guitar, and played at the flute—simple stuff too.

Job title:  Project Manager III.  I get to tell people what to do and when to do it even though I’m not their boss.  And they have to do it.

Kids:  Five.  Including one named “Stefanie”.  Go back to the opening of the blog post if you miss why I pointed this out.

Live:  Indianapolis.  Moved here 10 years ago on a relo for my job and have yet to escape.  Want to live in England.  Anyone know of any opportunities?

Milk:  Prefer whole mile—cold, rich, creamy—but family drinks 2%.  I used to call it white water but I’ve gotten used to it.  Ah, the home-delivery milk in England though— coats the glass!  Tastes like milk was meant to taste!

Nicknames:  Diesel, but no-one calls me that anymore.  Also “Rob D” and “D Rob”.

Overnight hospital stays:  As a kid (7?) when my tonsils were removed.  As a young adult (19) with a stomach bug, and as a papa-to-be on several occasions.

Pet peeve:  Dishonesty, even the simple stuff.  Why do so many people have to start a sentence with “To be honest with you…”?

Quote from a movie:  I don’t watch movies enough to have quotes.

Righty or lefty:  Righty

Sibling:  Three—an older brother, older sister, and a younger sister.

Time you wake up:  Usually around 6:55.  Not always convenient seeing as how I’m supposed to be in by 8:00-8:15.  I’ll have to start getting up earlier.

Underwear:  Yes.  Oh, you mean what type?  Mens.

Vegetables you dislike:   Lima beans!  Would love to know why God made them and absent that, why men first thought it was a good idea to cook and eat them!!!

What makes you run late:  A good TV show.  If I can’t stay up and watch it, I record it.  For instance, I was watching “The Event” the other morning and didn’t leave the house until 8:10.  (See “T” above to know why that’s a problem)

X-rays:  Not recently.  The usual stuff for teeth.  Broke a toe when I was 14 or 15.  Any other x-rays were suspected problems that weren’t anything after all.

Yummy food you make:  I make a great apple pie!  Grilled salmon too (go see that post for the process), pancakes (post for that too), and I make good spaghetti sauce.  We were out and all there was to work with a few weeks back was some diced tomatoes!  We had some great sauce!

Zoo favorite animal:  I don’t have one.  While going to the zoo is something I do with the family from time to time, I really don’t enjoy seeing animals in captivity like that. 

So there you have it—or me.  For better or for worse.

Thanks Stef!

OK, now I can go back and read hers.

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Have you noticed how political correctness has dumbed down America?

Opps, can I say “dumbed”?  Actually, “dumb” means unable to speak as in “mute”, but I’m sure some disability group will object to me using it in this context.  So be it.

Anyway, I was using a professional networking site and chose to forward a contact’s information on to another contact.  Here’s what I got as a suggested message:  (slightly redacted, of course)

“I found XXXXX  XXXXX, XXX’s profile on LinkedIn and thought you might be interested. I would be happy to introduce you to them through my network.”

See the problem?

LinkedIn doesn’t know how to handle the possible gender differences users may encounter so rather than say “…introduce you to him…” as we used to be able to do pre-Feminist movement, or even less acceptably say “…introduce you to her…”, we instead have to violate the rules of grammar by using a plural pronoun to describe a singular entity.

Apparently, we would rather sound ignorant than to resort to the ages-old tradition of defaulting to the masculine form when the subject could be either gender or when multiple subjects are being referred to.

English is not really that hard to learn.  It’s just that we seem to have no conventions to which we are willing to adhere (as opposed to “It’s just that we have no conventions we are willing to adhere to“).  But then everyone knows that you don’t end a sentence with a preposition, right?



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McDonald’s recently lost a copyright infringement lawsuit against a small restaurant in Malaysia called “McCurry” which was a surprise to their corporate lawyers, I’m sure.  But when you don’t always use “Mc” even for yourself, how strong can the copyright really be?

Here’s a sign from a McDonald’s restaurant in Avon, Indiana.  It’s nice to see a low price for their signature breakfast item, but shouldn’t that be “$2.99 Sausage Egg Mc Muffin Meal“??? Sausage Egg Muffin WHAT? Well, it could be a muffin…

Look at the sign again though and not only did they leave out the coveted “Mc”, but now they also have a new menu item called a “MAEL”.

I’ve been told that you can work at McDonald’s at the age of 16 here in Indiana.  Clearly, a high school diploma is not required of whomever does their sign.

Oh, the other side of the sign was fine.




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The next time you have nothing to do while you’re at work, you may want to play Solitaire.  Of course, you can do that for an indefinite period of time if you have a private office.  In fact, if you’ve risen to that level, you deserve a break.  As long as the door is close, no-one will ever know!

That is, unless you have an office with a window—across from another part of the building that also has windows.  But then what’s the likelihood that anyone would be standing there for 5-10 minutes watching you play?  And even if they did, what’s the likelihood that they’d get out their phone and take a picture?

Well, if you know this blogger, the likelihood is about 100%.

I got bored watching you play.  Actually, a business associate and I were waiting for someone and we had to leave.  Did you win?


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To be honest with you, there are some expressions we use which really annoy me.  For instance, “to be honest with you” implies that this time it’s the truth, but if I don’t preface what I say with this phrase, listener beware.  I can understand someone opening with “let me be frank with you” because it’s really a request and puts the listener on alert that what they hear next might be troubling.  The listener has time to brace for it or can actually request the speaker to not continue.  I think the honest speakers have confused the point as if they need to seek permission to be honest.

Have you ever gone to listen to a notable person speak?  How many times do we have to hear “Here’s a man (or woman) who needs no introduction” followed by five minutes of the person’s credentials and accolades?  Really!  I long for the day when the MC says “Here’s a man (or woman) who needs no intoduction” and then sits down.  I doubt anyone else will ever do it but I would.  I think it would be refreshingly funny and to be honest with you…

Needless to say, there are other stupid expressions.  The redudancy of this one makes the speaker appear to be more intent on hearing himself talk than on anything else.  If it’s really needless to say it, then do us a favor and skip to the next comment.

Of course, it goes without saying that people probably never will change the way they use these phrases.  Honestly!

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