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CNN, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

There was a time that CNN lived up to its name as a “Cable News Network”.  These days, it seems it’s anything but the news.  It’s opinion and even then, poorly formed and ignorant opinion.  (I’ll discuss the pit bull, Chris Cuomo, another time!)

As I often do during the day, I’m reading through CNN.com/US and there’s an article about gun control.  The author, Jeff Yang, suggests that an answer to the “epidemic” of gun violence is to make owners of guns get insurance.  The article is stupid enough on its own but simply the fact that CNN would publish it is amazing!

Let’s walk through a few counter-thoughts for a moment:

  1. Requiring doctors to have insurance doesn’t stop malpractice from happening.  It only provides a means for the survivors or victims’ families to carry on, at least financially.  The patient is still injured, suffering, or dead.
  2. Requiring drivers to have insurance hasn’t stopped car accidents from happening.  It only provides a means for financial recovering in the wake of a crash.  The damage is still done, injuries still happened, and in some cases, the dead are still dead.

There is no case I can think of where requiring insurance has prevented a potentially negative event from occurring.  In fact, “requiring” insurance is not always enforced even in cases (such as driving) until or unless an event occurs that brings it to light.  The fallacy of those who think like Mr Yang is the thought process that believes a law will prevent something from happening.  Obviously Not!  Even with all of the thousands of laws on the books today–if not millions–crimes and law violations occur on a regular basis.

Insurance may cause a law-abiding citizen to reconsider gun ownership if the cost of that insurance is too great.  For the criminal, die hard, or mentally ill?  Not necessarily.  And even if a person has insurance for a legally obtained firearm, there is no guarantee that in the heat of the moment, someone will not end up dead.

CNN’s Andre Spicer has an equally ineffective idea:  Let’s convince retailers that selling guns isn’t in their best commercial interest!  Great!  So that takes care of Walmart and introduces more shops that are “gun free” like Starbucks.  It doesn’t get guns off of the streets.  It also does nothing to stop a destructive person from walking into an elementary school with a gun and killing people.  How much more gun-free can you get than an elementary school???

Well, those signs in the windows or at the curbs that says “Gun-Free Zone” were REALLY effective, weren’t they!?!?!?!!!

The only answer to gun violence in this country–or anywhere in the world–is a complete revocation of any rights regarding gun ownership with full surrender, then confiscation, and then extreme punishment for anyone found to own a gun.  At that point, there would almost have to be immediate incarceration on a felony charge with the possibility of life in prison or the death penalty before things would change significantly.

I don’t advocate any of this, by the way!  I don’t advocate anything mentioned up to this point!!!

HOWEVER, I do agree that doing nothing is not the right answer, but there needs to be an unemotional, logical, reasoned out approach, hammered out by liberals and conservatives, and then simply implemented.  Doing SOMETHING and doing the RIGHT THING are not one and the same though.  A change may mean that the Constitution is amended–it has been before and likely will be again.  Not an easy path or a likely one at that.  But if and when it does occur, be prepared to either live by the new rules or to move into the criminal class when you don’t.

And be prepared in that day to live with a lot of other changes that will leave the United States of America less great, less free, and less united!


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Michael Meyer, NASA scientist, questions how life on Earth began.  In his comments about how life might have begun on Mars, he says that we know that meteors from Earth have hit Mars.

I’d like to know what evidence there is that any meteors from Earth have hit Mars.  Any impact that could cause a chunk of this world to be expelled into space surely happened before man was here to witness it–and live to tell.  The odds that a chunk escaped our gravity and made its way all the way to Mars are extraordinary.  And I have yet to hear of any findings on Mars that supports this claim.


In researching this, I found this CNN opinion article in which the author states “But organic molecules get delivered to planets all the time from impacts by small and large asteroids and comets (like February’s fireball impact above Chelyabinsk, Russia), providing the last key ingredient for habitability.”

Really?  So where is the evidence of these organic molecules?  I also researched the Chelyabinsk meteor and fail to find any mention of organic matter.

As usual, it’s amazing that science states information as fact without the generally accepted level of evidence to support it.  If it’s said enough times, it must be true.  Otherwise, they must be operating on hope and faith.  And if that’s the case, then it’s religion, not science!

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The whole argument is political correctness gone to the level of emotional coddling.

Look!  It’s this simple:

If I drive a vehicle and if I do not have insurance or a drivers license, I am still a “driver”.  However, I am an undocumented driver and am not driving legally.  If I am not driving legally, then I am driving illegally.  I am an illegal driver.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m a nice person or not, or whether I work, have children, or am a genius.  If I hit your car and damage it, no matter how nice I am, you will find my illegal status problematic.

If I immigrate to this country and reside here, and if I do not have the appropriate visa or whatever papers I need, I am still a resident–I am still an immigrant.  However, I am an undocumented immigrant and did not immigrate here legally.  If I did not immigrate legally, then I am an illegal immigrant.

For those who don’t like the word “illegal”, you should understand that it means that something is not within the scope of what the law allows or prescribes.  More simply, not in accordance with applicable laws.

We can try to make those who are here illegally feel less outside the law by simply calling them undocumented, but that does not change the law.  And we can try to make ourselves look more progressive, compassionate, and accepting.  But stupidly arguing that black is not black, and that white is not white–well, it makes the person look plain stupid.

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2013 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,200 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Mind if I just rant for a few?

Someone called me an Uncle Tom today for voicing an opinion that is not in line with her view about the Paula Deen issue.  Similarly, Justice Clarence Thomas was called an Uncle Tom for voting to strike down part of the Voting Rights Act yesterday.  Although I don’t like some of his views, I guess it can be said that we’re in good company!

Funny how the person who called me a “Tom” is upset about Paula Deen using a racial slur but feels free to use one herself.  Was it because she’s Black that she has special, hypocritical rights to use the term?

Sad how on hearing the outcome of the Court’s decision yesterday, our President pandered to the Black vote by expressing his disappointment at the outcome.  He’s really disappointed that the Court did its job and ruled rightly.  Bravo, Mr President, for uniting the country and for respecting the decision of the highest court!  You seemed to have no problem today with the DOMA and Prop 8 outcomes!

All three situations—Paula Deen, DOMA, and Prop 8—speak to major issues I have with my fellow African Americans:

1.  There is no tolerance for educated, independent, non-racially biased thought within the community.

2.  There is no respect for opinions that differ with their entitlement mentality.

3.  They are, by far, the most racially intolerant and hateful (even to their own) element in America.

A local talk-radio host asked a question recently.  He asked a caller if Al Sharpton spoke for African Americans.  What a funny question!  I was moved to call in and assure the host that Al Sharpton doesn’t speak for African Americans any more than George Wallace spoke for Whites!  He certainly doesn’t speak for me.  He is unelected and represents people and causes of HIS choosing.

And so back to the President.  Whether it be race, income, homosexuality, or just plain politics—no one has done more to divide this country than Barack Obama!!!  I’m convinced that he has done more to put this country on the path to civil unrest than anyone or anything before save the issues that besought this nation in the 1860s!

And finally,  back to Uncle Tom.  I doubt many of you reading this have ever read the referenced book.  For your education, here’s an excerpt of the entry in Wikipedia on “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”:

Uncle Tom, the title character, was initially seen as a noble, long-suffering Christian slave. In more recent years, however, his name has become an epithet directed towards African-Americans who are accused of selling out to whites. Stowe intended Tom to be a “noble hero”[26] and praiseworthy person. Throughout the book, far from allowing himself to be exploited, Tom stands up for his beliefs and is grudgingly admired even by his enemies.

As a Christian man by choice, and African American by circumstance, I owe a greater allegiance to God than to country.  And that allegiance goes first to my country—not to a racial affiliation.  Paula Deen was honest and apologized.  Forgive her and move on.  If that warrants calling me an Uncle Tom, so be it.

The Voting Rights Act was improperly managed over the decades and the Supreme Court decision was just.  If that warrants calling Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, so be it.

More than a racial slur, I wear the name as a badge of courage to speak my mind and to not bow my intellect or knee to anyone—Black or White!  I hope Justice Thomas can say the same!

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A Long Absence

I’ve been at my keyboards (work PC, home PC, and laptop) everyday since the last post—I’ve only been away from blogging.  For a time, I was just too busy.  Then there were so many things to blog about and so little time.  Eventually, I got discouraged with readership (Yes, I look at my dashboard) and thought “Well, if no-one’s going to read what I write, why bother?”  It was a bit of a pity party.  There was also a time I used Facebook as an outlet, submitting a line or two there—with about as much reception as here.  So much for friends caring about what I think!

As I hear and read news stories, I find a lot I could write about but then I really feel as if we’re off the rails—headed for the ravine—and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it.  Blogging about it is akin to the proverbial “arranging deck chairs on the Titanic”:  Pointless!

In the next several weeks, I’ll re-examine what it is I blog about and then i’ll decide whether to enjoy and even longer absence—or to come back.  Have a thought?  Let me know.


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I guess I know I’ve touched a nerve when someone tries to hack my blog!

Did you not like the post that much???


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